Artificial Insidors

It is commonly know that all the influencers and whales are part of powerful groups that like to call themselves market makers.Now, everyone can be an artificial insidor!


Noticing the love for OpenAI and the abilities it brings to the space, we started developing our own in-house sniper software that leverages the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and automatically snipes contracts for you.$AI aims to identify true insidors launches and snipe them for you at block 0 or 1. With $AI, we are aiming to help everyone be an insidor now and truly buy the good launches.

The Power of AI

Our software uses AI/machine learning (ML). Our system tracks and analyzes the first X buyers (probably snipers) in bullish launches. This data is used to train our AI/ML model which effectively is able to identify really good wallets which are probably insidor wallets.

How to access

To access the $AI sniper you will need to hold 0.5% of supply.The AI models will always remain secure on our servers so that our users benefit.

Our final product is still a work-in-progress, but the actual sniping code is available on GitHub below.

Here is a demo of running the $AI sniper which is searching to snipe big insidors launches.

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